Your Last Chance to Party in Ibiza is at the Airport

Ibiza Airport at

Can’t get enough of Ibiza but you really have to catch your flight? Then, head to the F*** ME I’M FAMOUS Airport Lounge by Cathy & David Guetta to relive the past few days or make new memories set to a never ending EDM soundtrack. If you leave at least 2-3 hours before your flight, you will have some time to kill because for once in your lifetime going through airport security will be a breeze. So, what should you do?

Go shopping, there’s also a lot of club swag to choose from and best of all they come in neon yellow, neon green or neon pink. I think I saw something in red and black, but who will notice you’ve been to Ibiza in those drab colors. Opt for something bright and obnoxious because you can!

Dance like you meant it for the last time on this party island! The last few nights’ party hits are blasting LOUDLY which can be a good and bad thing depending on your hangover, so go for it. While the number of people will depend on the time of day, no one will judge you because we’ve all been there.

Eat something and rejoice, your liquid diet is over until next time! They have standard airport food (sushi, sandwiches, fries, etc.) at airport prices, but instead of sitting in another ho-hum airport terminal, grub under a disco ball and listen to some tunes from world-renowned DJs on random rotation or the trusty iPod. Just remember to set your alarm or you may miss your flight!

Have you been to F*** ME I’M FAMOUS Airport Lounge? Tell me what you think at the comments below or Tweet at me.

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