Welcome to Porto

Welcome to Porto

It’s our second time in Portugal and every minute I’m in this country I fall madly, deeply in love. Last year, we spent some time in Lisboa and the Algarve (where I stayed an extra 10 days to learn that I’m not that fond of surfing or surfing in the cold), and this year, we’ve headed north to Porto.

Porto or o Porto (the Port) is widely known for its production of Port Wine (excited to visit the wineries) but, I’d also like to explore and understand what it is like to live here during our month-long visit.

I’ve put this list together as a reference guide for anyone visiting as a tourist or digital nomad, or thinking of relocating. And if anyone else has any other resource suggestions, please comment below or send me a tweet!

The Expat Community

It’s important for me to be part of a community both local and online as a nomad so, I joined a few expat groups on Facebook which are run by companies who help with the transition – a smart move. Here are a few I started with:

  • Eco Villages & Communities with Kids: Are you searching for a place to be in community with your family? Do you know of a community in Portugal that welcomes children? Are you part of a community in Portugal that welcomes children? (I didn’t join this group but it’s nice to know this supportive community exists!)
  • Expats in Porto: ExpatFocus.com group for English speaking expats in Portugal.
  • Porto Expats: This a group set up for people living in Porto whether if you are an Expat or a Portuguese citizen. Anything goes, particularly any items which will help foreigners integrate into the way of life in Porto. Feel free to post your questions, local information or commercials for your local business here.
  • Pure Portugal – Living the Good Life: Discussion group for anything related to “Living the Good Life” in Portugal – whether you’re already doing it or dreaming of doing so.

Locals’ Blogs

Reading about how locals see their hometown and the information they provide to a newbie like myself is an immense help. It’s a nice introduction to any potential travel destination or if you plan to stay indefinitely.

  • Amass. Cook. is a blog written by food lovers slash scientists who take you on a gastronomic journey throughout Porto’s food scene from international food markets to the proper way to eat a Francesinha.
  • Old Portuguese Stuff will show you architecture from all over Portugal because everyone loves old stuff! Old buildings, old doors, old light switches and trying to save them all from being torn down or worse, replaced by something generic. Old stuff matters y’all.
  • Oporto Cool is written in Portuguese but let Google translate as much of it for you and you’ll find some indefinitely cool things to do with the latest happenings around town.
  • Portoalities wants you to know more about Porto and will even take you on a private tour. The blog covers local events, history, food, wine and other cities in the North of Portugal.

Official Tourism Sites, News and Media

Don’t be put off by the word “tourist”. If you’re not a local and you’re visiting, you’re a tourist and there’s nothing wrong with that. These official sites are a great starting point for most people who have never been to Porto or for those who have a limited amount of time to visit.


I’ve bookmarked a few places to see and do in Porto as well on my Pinterest board and will continue to add more in the next few weeks.

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