Travel Tip 011/100: Don’t Be Late

Travel Tips Do Not Be Late

Don’t be late for your important dates like flights, show times, reservations, etc. You don’t want to loose your spot especially if you’ve been planning your trip all year!

When you’re jet-lagged, disoriented with the time zone change, or pre-occupied with something amazing that you’ve discovered, it is very easy to forget about the rest of the world and any commitments. Even alarm clocks have failed me but really, I can’t blame being late on anyone else, but myself.

Try these tips to help manage your time when there is simply too much to see and do:

  1. Enter the event time on your calendar 15 minutes earlier
  2. Map out your destinations so you know how far the site is to the next appointment
  3. Group nearby events and places into one morning, afternoon or evening to explore
  4. Set an alarm to leave one destination if you’re trying to view another one soon after
  5. Set your watch 10-15 minutes early

What do you do to make sure you’re not running late when traveling? Tweet me.

A travel tips edition of the #the100dayproject.

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