Travel Tip 008/100: Wear comfortable shoes.

Travel Tip - Wear comfortable footwear

Treat your feet with kindness, care and the attention they need. They support you, take you places and move us in ways I can’t properly explain. So, don’t just stuff them in something uncomfortable.

Sneakers are what I wear most but these qualities are what differentiates from non-stop exploration to blistered tootsies:

  • Proper arch support can be fitted at a shoe shop and can be adjusted with sole inserts so you don’t have to buy orthopedics
  • Shock absorption is essential when walking around cobblestone streets and concrete reducing the effects of tired achy feet
  • A narrow toe box may look cute but your feet expand over time and a wide toe box has too much room for your toes causing instability as you move
  • Lightweight shoes make you move with so much ease you may forget you’re wearing them

The shoes I’m wearing in the photo are Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II (Chucks 2). They are an updated version of the original Chucks which were uncomfortable. The Chucks 2 have Nike Lunarlon foam cushioning insoles, a non-slip padded tongue (it hasn’t gotten stuck yet) and a thick rubberized sole.

A travel tips edition of the #the100dayproject.

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