Travel Tip 020/100: Plan On Using Public Transport

Plan on using public transport and you’ll feel closer to the Earth. The locals, visitors and all points of interest are just one-half of your trip but getting there can be just as exciting! You’ll exercise your patience and problem solving skills when you’re figuring out how to purchase a ticket, finding one that suits your needs (one-way, day, week, or monthly pass), getting from point A to B, and all of the quirks in between like proof-of-payment, validations and simply going the right direction. Don’t worry, you can always ask a local or the station agent for help if you need to.

Here are a few fun options from around the world!

1. Water Taxi in Prague, Czech Republic

Too many beers, ciders or burçak to walk across the bridge? Take the water taxi and float across the Vltava River like a graceful swan.

2. Bus in Los Angeles, California, USA

Who says you need to drive in LA? Trust us, you won’t get there faster than the bus, so bring your kindle and finish reading the last book in the Harry Potter series.

3. Kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) in Vigan, Philippines

Is it romance in the air or did the horse just pass wind? Bargain with the kalesa (kAh-leh-sah) drivers and give them a 10-15% tip as they take you on a tour around Vigan. They’ll even wait for you no matter how many selfies you take with the horse.


4. Cable Cars in San Francisco, California, USA

The real San Francisco treat doesn’t come in a box or from an unknown uncle, it’s feeling the breeze on your face and coming incredibly close to cars, building and other people when hanging off the side of a cable car when heading downhill.

5. Water Taxi in Bangkok, Thailand

Cool off from the hot, hot heat in Bangkok but be careful to not get splashed by the polluted waters, especially in the eyes like I did. It stung, a twinge.

6. Funicular in Prague, Czech Republic

Mainly overrun by tourists on the weekend and peak periods, this funicular saved us from being drenched and walking uphill on wet cobblestone. The lines move quickly despite the length.

7. The El (elevated train) in Chicago, Illinois, USA

A bit frustrating to realize this efficient train served only the best neighborhoods and you must get off the Red Line when heading south of the city center if you’d like to avoid being robbed or worse.


8. S-Bahn Subway in Berlin, Germany

A most precise public transport system with trains going clockwise, counter-clockwise and many more heading in all directions from the main ring. It’s just as convenient when you take it from the airport.

9. Funicular in Lisboa, Portugal

The steep hills of Lisbon may take some getting used to if you’re not prepared and can be a burden when it’s hot out. But this short ride will efficiently take you up and down while passing a few cool neighborhoods.

What’s your favorite way to get around?

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