Travel Tip 022/100: Pick Up A Little History Wherever You Go

Pick Up A Little History Wherever You Go

Pick up a little history wherever you go! From tours, exhibitions, plaques, bartenders and a few unexpected places like this concert and play celebrating Dvorak’s life where the audience are treated as guests at a party awaiting his arrival. Sadly, he never makes it.

Visit, Listen and Get Inspired

The Antonín Dvořák Museum in Prague is a museum dedicated to the great Czech composer Antonín Dvořák with evening concerts a few times a week. We were welcomed with a shot of Becherovka, an herbal liqueur to warm us up, but only my throat burned. We arrived thirty minutes before curtain call which was clearly way too early so, they let us walk through the first floor, read everything thoroughly and walked around the gardens out back. It was quite chilly and the sun has set this time of the year in Prague, so the gardens were bare and we walked in the dark.

One of the musicians were running late, but as soon as he arrived we were lead upstairs to a beautiful concert hall. There were only twelve patrons total which felt more like a private recital than a concert. The musicians and singers were expressive and spoke in English in between performing.

Concert Info:

Do not miss WONDERFUL DVORAK, chamber scenic performance of the most beautiful melodies of Antonin Dvorak’s vocal and instrumental compositions! Visit the charming operatic concert in beautiful Villa America! Here await you the arias from Antonin Dvorak’s operas – Rusalka, Jakobin, as well as Moravian Duets, Biblical Songs, Gypsy Songs, Mazurek and other unforgettable pieces of Czech classical music.

Thanks to the soloists of the National Theatre, the State Opera Prague, and the leading concert artists, musicians and dancers wearing exquisite historical costumes, with whom the public is in a direct contact, the old-fashioned atmosphere of Prague salons revives again! The perfect illusion of 18th and 19th centuries is furthermore enhanced by the selection of the most beautiful compositions. You will not miss a welcoming toast either.

Program – Antonin Dvorak:

  • Moravian Duets, op. 32 – “Skromna”, “Prsten
  • Love Songs, op. 83 – choice
  • Sonatina G major, op. 100 – Scherzo
  • Biblical Songs, op. 99 – choice
  • O, sanctissima, op. 19
  • Romance F minor, op. 11
  • Cunning Peasant, op. 37: Aria of the Prince: “Kdo jest jen slovy vypovi…”
  • Opera Rusalka, op. 114, Aria of Rusalka: “Mesicku na nebi hlubokem…” (Song to the Moon)
  • Stabat Mater, op. 58 – Inflamatus
  • Gypsy Songs, op. 55 – Kdyz me stara matka
  • Opera Jakobin, op. 84 – Aria of the burgrave: “Pockejte, vy blazni…”
  • Gypsy Songs, op. 55 – choice
  • Mazurek, Op. 49

Enjoy the performance of leading soloists of the Czech opera stages, outstanding pianist and violin virtuosi.
Direction: Josef Prudek, head of the Prague National Theatre Opera.

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