Travel Tip 007/100: Get lost.

Get Lost

It’s easy to get lost! Or am I the only one who fumbles while looking at a map or figuring out how to use a compass? Okay maybe.

Truthfully, it still takes a bit of time for me to actually feel comfortable enough to go out there and get lost in my own version of wonderment and exploration in the real world. But with moving around so much, I’ve had to get used to getting lost quicker or else I may not have the opportunity to do so.

Now, this is what I do. A safe way to wander by turning off the mobile phone or hiding my map. Then, begin getting lost at a slow pace, decide to head straight or turn at a whim. Soon, something across the street catches your eye or you stop in somewhere to take a look or to try. Engage in small talk with passersby or while you’re enjoying a meal, drink or some sun.

I’ve gained new travelers’ spidey senses from this exercise and have gotten over some fears of not knowing what lies immediately ahead. Plus, a new sense of appreciation of just getting lost.

While researching for books on the topic of helping your mind stay calm at the thought of “getting lost”, I saw this series of children’s books called, Larry Gets Lost in <insert city name>. It seems a dog named Larry goes on a lot of wanderlust inspired trips with its owner, Pete but somehow gets lost (because humans are annoying). As Larry tries to find Pete, he stumbles through a site seeing tour, and can write a better travel blog than me even with his paws. But no, really it’s a cute idea to get your kids or someone else’s kids into the idea of discovering new places and things without fear.

Larry Gets Lost in Boston
Larry Gets Lost in Chicago
Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles
Larry Gets Lost in New York City
Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco
Larry Gets Lost in Washington D.C.

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