Travel Tip 016/100: Be a tourist.

Be a tourist. Embrace it. Breathe it in and out. It’ll only be for a little while.

I’m not sure when being a tourist in a place you’ve never been to has been considered faux pas. We all have done it and have gone into the touristic areas to have a gander at a statue, monument, house of worship, art installation, etc. to see things for ourselves. After all, isn’t seeing and being in a place for yourself the point of travel?

So, don’t worry about looking like a tourist in a popular place, but do watch out for others, yourself, your stuff and scammers. We all just want to have a good ole’ time!

Where was this photo taken at?

The John Lennon Wall or Lennonova zeď is a graffiti-covered wall with political messages to invoke the spirit of Bohemia. There are many tourists, Segways (hopefully banned soon) and buskers singing hits from The Beatles.

What’s your favorite place to be a tourist in? Comment below! I like to play tourist in San Francisco, California, USA because I am in love with the cable cars. They are open air because the weather is tolerable all year round and they take you up and down San Francisco’s steep hills!

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