Travel Tip 018/100: Enjoy the Differences Between Home and Away

Praha is Beautiful


When we enjoy the differences between home and the rest of the universe, we open ourselves up to a lot of possibilities. One day, you are curled up in your reading nook with a travel book, the next, you’re at your travel destination saying wow, over and over in your head (or in my case, out loud).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned a lot about how it’s like to live in Prague and if it’s something I’d consider moving to in the future. The answer is a resounding yes! I enjoy a wide variety of art, culture, cuisine, etc. and rely on good public transportation, a network of expats and the possibilities of an alternative point of view. All of which Praha definitely has and I’ve barely ventured out of the city center (saving it for the warmer months).

A few of my favorite things:

  • Forgiving locals who have never once scolded me for not speaking Czech
  • Affordable public transportation with late night service. The standard monthly pass costs 550 CZK or 22.53 USD with discounts for seniors, students, etc.
  • Damn good and affordable beer everywhere!
  • Walkable neighborhoods with picturesque parks
  • Well-trained off-leash dogs, well-behaved muzzled dogs on the metro and very considerate owners who take the time to train their canine companions.

Now, I’m not saying my home state of California is old news. It’s an awesome state and I am lucky to have been brought up in such a crazy melting pot of humans and ideas! But I also appreciate the opportunity of slowly traveling to see the rest of our beautiful planet.


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