Top Instagram Photos of 2016


You might have seen a few of the people you follow on Instagram post their best nine photos or most liked photos. Well, you can too! Just go to, type in your Instagram username and in a few minutes you’ll have your own collage like this: Come and travel down memory lane with me! 1. […]

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A Double Dose of Brunch in Praha

On Sunday, we brunched twice! First, we went to BIO|OKO‘s Filmbrunch to see the indie film, American Honey starring Sasha Lane and Shia LaBeof. You can feel the tragic American cycle of the underprivileged youth who are brought up in the system or have fallen out of it with no one to fall back on. […]

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Naplavka, Praha, Czech Republic

I’ve been trying to go to the Náplavka Farmers Market/Náplavka Farmářské Tržiště but hunger gets in the way and we’re off to a lazy brunch before I can even remember it’s happening. Finally, one sunny autumn Saturday I remembered while brunching at Maso a Kobliha and off we went. But a few interesting things caught our […]

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Goats at the Prague Lucerna Rooftop


After a delicious lunch at Bánh Mì Makers, I headed over to the newly opened rooftop of the historic Prague Lucerna. A place where most tourists gather in the lobby to snap a photo of David Černý’s infamous statue of Saint Wenceslas riding a dead horse. It’s hilarious and something to gaze up in person. The […]

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Travel Tip 020/100: Plan On Using Public Transport

Plan on using public transport and you’ll feel closer to the Earth. The locals, visitors and all points of interest are just one-half of your trip but getting there can be just as exciting! You’ll exercise your patience and problem solving skills when you’re figuring out how to purchase a ticket, finding one that suits your […]

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Travel Tip 019/100: Go On A Day Trip


We’re heading into our second month in Prague so, it was time to finally see another city in the Czech Republic. We headed 60km east by train to Kutna Hora, a town known for the Sedlec Ossuary (Kostnice Sedlec) or the Bone Church. It wasn’t eerie but I felt the negative energy and anger (you […]

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Travel Tip 016/100: Be a tourist.

Be a tourist. Embrace it. Breathe it in and out. It’ll only be for a little while. I’m not sure when being a tourist in a place you’ve never been to has been considered faux pas. We all have done it and have gone into the touristic areas to have a gander at a statue, monument, […]

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