What is a California Burrito?

What Is A California Burrito

Back home in sunny (way East) Los Angeles and the first thing on my mind is when and where are we going to get Mexican food? And while a lot of food scream I’m an LA original, there’s nothing like a California burrito to remind me of my girlish high school figure. Unfortunately, everything I […]

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Travel Tip 020/100: Plan On Using Public Transport

Plan on using public transport and you’ll feel closer to the Earth. The locals, visitors and all points of interest are just one-half of your trip but getting there can be just as exciting! You’ll exercise your patience and problem solving skills when you’re figuring out how to purchase¬†a ticket, finding one that suits your […]

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San Diego: Seafood, Tacos and Beers, Oh My!

Salmon Tostada, Callo de Hacha and Tostadas De Pulpo from Tostadas North Park Ahi Adobo and Raw Ahi Tacos from City Tacos Lobster Tacos from Wicked Maine Lobster San Diego - CharmBTrippin.com Carnitas Tacos and Carnitas Hash Tacos at Carnitas Snack Shack

Chowing down on tacos in San Diego is the equivalent of scarfing a Mission-style burrito¬†in San Francisco, best enjoyed in their habitat surrounded by like-minded eaters. Except in San Diego you pair your food with either a microbrew, craftbrew or nanobrew¬†of your choice and the choices are overwhelming in terms of both food and drink. […]

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The Korean Spa Experience

The Korean Spa Experience at Wi Spa in Ktown Los Angeles, California

Would you like to know what it’s like to go through a human carwash? Well, keep reading dear friends (and strangers) as I take you through my very first time at Wi Spa, a Korean spa or jimjilbang in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles! A k-spa¬†may be vastly different from your average American […]

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