Style, A Taylor Swift Cover by Swiftees

Style Taylor Swift Cover Song

When you’re ready to make a life-changing decision to get rid of 70-80% of your personal belongings, you make some interesting deals with your friends, family, neighbors and strangers at a garage sale. This tops them all!

In exchange for a box of Taylor Swift VIP concert paraphernalia, our friends, The Crystal and Amalia Show will have to perform a Tay-Tay song. The swag box is filled with goodies from Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour concert at Levi’s Stadium:

  • VIP lanyards
  • Wayfarer-style sunglasses and case
  • Vinyl sleeves
  • Giant Polaroids of Tay-Tay
  • Keychains
  • Sippy straw cup
  • Rubber bracelets
  • Magnetic photo frames
  • Messenger bags

While Jon is the only true Swiftee, we all did our part to make this a fun cover! We scoured the house for some impromptu instruments so we can all get in the act. The ladies practiced a handful of times and then, we threw ourselves in the mix. Let me introduce the gang from left to right:

  • Fil with an awesome LED tambourine
  • Yours truly playing percussion on the cajon (box)
  • Crystal on vocals, tupperware and wooden spoon
  • Amalia on vocals and guitar
  • Jon on the gong

Not bad on one take!

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