Travel Tip 010/100: Get Some Sleep

Travel Tips Get Some Sleep

Sleep to rejuvenate your mind and body for tomorrow brings the unexpected.

No one likes to start the day groggy especially when you’re in a new place fighting jet lag and trying to see as many places possible. So, don’t fight it. Just go to sleep or take a nap to make sure you’re alert!

These are a few things to help me get over jet lag and to make sure I can get between 6-8 hours of sleep whether I’m on a plane, train or automobile:

  1. Melatonin taken in large doses used to give me wild and crazy dreams (not in a good way) so, I’ve opted for the gummy version and it has been smooth sailing.
  2. White noise from a fan or airplane hum will usually do the trick for me, but a few places I’ve stayed at have had a sleep machine making me a believer.
  3. An eye mask that fits your noggin and eye sockets to block off light without it feeling like a giant rubberband is wrapped around your head, is ideal. Try on a few pair if you can or you’ll end up with a drawer full of eye masks like me.
  4. A supportive pillow won’t give you neck pain or a¬†headache.
  5. Wrapping yourself up in a soft and not-too-warm blanket, poncho or infinity scarf makes you feel loved and supported as you rest.
  6. Fresh pajamas or a nightgown depending on the climate should not feel suffocating and should also be as soft and comforting as the rest of your sleep aids.

What do you do to get a goodnight’s sleep?

A travel tips edition of the #the100dayproject.

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