6 Rainbow Foods to Snap and Eat

We can all agree, eating is way more fun when our plate is a colorful palate of reds, orange, yellows, greens, blues, purples and yes, even neon hues. But will the flavors of rainbow colored food overwhelm your taste buds or will they just leave food coloring residue on your tongue? Let this guide help you decide.

Colorful Rainbow Pasta (Painter) from Kawaii Monster Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)
This simple pasta dish (1,300 JPY) was sauteéd in oil and tossed with pancetta which accompanied five differently colored sauces, yet two of them were similar in taste (yellow and blue sauces). While it was fun to mix and match this colorful dish, it tasted a bit bland and oily. But don’t worry, this Harajuku cafe serves up some fun dancing and numerous photo ops to make up for it.


Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao from Paradise Dynasty (Hong Kong, China)
Not sharing this XLB rainbow (88 HKD) was the only option because who wants to fight over taking the first bite which will obviously include slurping the broth. With eight flavours where do you start? From subtle to intense or as described on the menu? Only you can decide: Original (white), Ginseng (green), Foie Gras (light orange), Black Truffle (black), Cheesy (yellow), Crab Roe (darker orange), Garlic (gray) and Szechuan (red).


Unicorn Grilled Cheese from KALA Toast 洛芝士吐司專門店  (Hong Kong, China)
When @hkfoodiexblogger Instagrammed her grilled cheese the internet went insane and rightly so. Just because this sammie is pretty, doesn’t mean it’s tasty. Here’s her take on it, but I’m still going to hunt this down when I’m in Hong Kong next!

The toast costs $42 HKD and those coloured cheese are lavender (blue), basil (green), tomato (red) and the yellow one is actually the combination of 4 kinds of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere). The toast was crispy but I reckon both the flavour of the lavender and tomato were subtle. The basil flavour was the most outstanding one comparatively but the cheese flavour still was not as storing as my expectation. It was also a bit oily in general. I would say the quality was rather average but we all cannot deny that it is photogenic. 😜


Rainbow Bagel from The Bagel Store (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
When Scot Rossillo’s bagels (3.95 USD) hit the scene last year, everyone flocked to Brooklyn to literally taste the rainbow. The craze has only gained more momentum as foodies wait in line for over an hour for his artistic reinterpretation of this classic New York staple. When they temporarily closed for renovations this February, I thought I lost my chance to try them. They’ve since re-opened and you can get on the waitlist to order them online!


Rainbow Donut from Moe’s Doughs Donut Shop (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
After devouring your savory Rainbow Bagel, walk over to Moe’s and burn a few calories before you indulge in a Rainbow Donut (2 USD). Yes, another holed wonder from America that will make you full before you can decide whether or not your want ice cream in the middle.


Rainbow Coffee from Sambalatte (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
Now, what goes great after eating rainbow pasta, XLB, grilled cheese, bagels and coffee, you might ask? Why it’s rainbow coffee! Mason Salisbury of @ibrewcoffee has just perfected this free pour colorful latte so follow him to watch more mesmerizing videos.


Am I missing another rainbow delight that you’ve tasted and simply must let the world know (or little ol’ me)? Send me a Tweet @CharmBTrippin and tell me all about it!

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