Qin Jia Bing Dian 秦家餅店 in Taipei

Qin Jia Bing Dian 秦家餅店

A variation of scallion/chive/spring onions/green onions/leeks pancakes, steamed buns, dumplings, European-style baked goods, etc. are sold literally on every block in Taipei! But we had to hunt down these specific ones from @HungryinTaipei’s Instagram feed. Trust me when I say, it was a scavenger hunt because it was our first time in Taipei and neither of us can read or type this: ‘秦家餅店-三代傳承.北方乾烙專賣’ out on our maps or search app.

So, we zoomed in on the map as much as possible and when we were within the vicinity of the bakery, we popped our heads into a few shops. Luckily, we found the right place on the second try!

Grandpa (or uncle) was chilling outside so, I kept him company while Jon went inside to see what grandma had left. She opened the lids off of the bamboo steamers and briefly explained what they were. We usually get one of each to see if we like it and if we do, we’ll know what to order the next time.

We took our goodies to a nearby park and took a few photos while a lady was walking circles around our fat butts (she was exercising).

乾烙蔥油餅 Green Onion Cake (NT$60)

JON: Taiwanese scallion pancake craving fulfilled. This one was especially impressive because it was not made with any oil, yet still chewy/flaky. Mind blown.

CHARM: Tastes freshly made and the flaky layers are not possible without oil. Get another one before we forget how to get over here!

This green onion cake is made with flour, onions, salt and vegetable oil. Then, dry baked to a chewy and flaky consistency without leaving you with a greasy handprint. The secret to getting this flaky and chewy crust is cold-water! As you can see the green onions peek through the sliced edges of the cake! They are plentiful and fragrantly scattered with every satisfying bite.

Dried Green Onion Cake 乾烙蔥油餅
Oh, I have to share this? Why didn’t you get your own? (Hand Model: Jon)

乾烙韭菜盒 Leeks Box or Chives Box (NT$45)

JON: I think this is how you’re supposed to eat these. You lay them flat on the paper and then, roll them up to resemble a tiny burrito.

CHARM: Okay. Yum! Go back and get another.

We could be totally wrong and you’re supposed to leave them flat before taking a bite. They will remain delicious no matter how you eat them, but I will return to eat them flat to make sure! These are made with flour, chives, salt, eggs, noodles, shrimp and vegetable oil. If you don’t eat shrimp or want less sodium, you can

Biting into the chive pocket is like taking a bite into a well-made tortilla, no snags and no awkward tearing. You sink your teeth into it cleanly with a mouthful of perfectly seasoned chives, shrimp and noodles. While the chives are cooked, the noodles give a nice snap to mimic the sensation of a fresh spring onion. Did I just make you salivate?

These are made with flour, chives, salt, eggs, noodles, shrimp and vegetable oil. If you don’t eat shrimp or want less sodium, you can order a custom batch with a minimum of ten pieces. If you’re having a picnic or party, these would pack up nicely.

Step 1: Respect the handmade dough and lay it flat on the paper it was transported it. Kiss it if you’re not sharing or don’t want to.
Step 2: Hoping we don’t offend anyone by rolling this masterpiece up and eating it like a giant eggroll or a mini burrito.
Step 3: Packed with leeks/chives! The dried shrimp enhances the flavor palate and the glass noodles give it a different kind of texture like you’re biting into a raw chive.

Get A Chive Pocket at Qin Jia Bing Dian 秦家餅店

No. 12, Lane 6, Siwei Road
Da’an District
Taipei City, 106
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/27057255.com.tw

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