Prague Street Food for Dumb Tourists

Prague Street Food for Dumb Tourists Grilled

Yep, I’m calling us out! After watching a video on what not to eat (and get ripped off) in Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí), we gone and done it. Hopefully, you won’t learn from our mistakes so I can say, “I told you so.” Here’s what we did.


Trdlo means Dumb Person
Trdlo means Dumb Person and only idiots will buy it aka US(A).


The literal translation from Czech to Englis is “dumb person” according to this YouTuber, who I trust because I don’t know Czech. It tasted like we wasted 90 CZK (3.72 USD) and now need 700.00 USD for a shot of insulin. Oh wait, we’re in Europe now, so I guess we can afford health care. Honestly, this is what it tasted like to me:

Trdlo tasted like day old bread re-heated over charcoal to harden the appearance of a flaky crust, then rolled in sugar to make you forget you wasted your Czech crowns. If you’d like to know what pottery tastes like, this is it!

But @jonability really, really liked it:

Trdelnik is a rolled pastry that is wrapped on a stick and rotisserie grilled over charcoal. It’s kind of like a donut with grilled bread tendancies.


Mini Donut Kabob
Mini Donut Kabob = Super Legit Instafamous Foodie Grammer

The Mini Donut Kabob

Mister Jon made me get this triple mini donut kabob just for Instagram and then a bunch of Asian gals followed suit! Gives me undercover goth nightmares to be in the limelight but makes me laugh to think this is exactly what people want: some 🐣 (chick hatching emoji) holding up a ridiculous thing of food! #SorryNotSorry I’m not a fashion blogger dough. 😬🍩🍩🍩

While Jon was still gnawing on his Trdlo, I looked around to replace the ashy taste it had left on mouth with this triple miniature cruller donut ensemble on a stick. You can’t really go wrong with a pâte à choux or choux pastry especially when it’s glazed nicely. In this case, only one of the three donuts were actually good. While this tasted a million times fresher than the Trdlo, the first donut’s sugar glaze was laid on thick, the second donut’s excessive rock sugar needed to be brushed off and the third donut’s cinnamon sugar just had the right ratio. The third donut was basically a churro, so what’s not to love?

Where can you get a sugar high:

Hey, if I’m wrong and you’ve eaten a fresh Trdlo, tweet at me!

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