Part III: How-to Entertain Teenagers in San Francisco

Part III: California Cable Car To Golden Gate Bridge

California Ave. Cable Car

Hooray! You get to ride the Cable Car again and the line isn’t long at all at the California and Davis turnaround. From this angle you’ll pass the Financial District (FiDi), Chinatown, Nob Hill and into the Polk Gulch where you’ll be a few yards away from Swan’s Oyster Depot most recently made popular by Anthony Bourdain and the gawd awful Yelpers who worship him.

  • Be immersed in sound at Audium – the lights are turned off and you have no idea what will happen next.


San Francisco’s humble Japanese community has been condensed into a few blocks post-WWII after the Japanese were sent to internment camps but regardless it’s packed with a lot of history and culture. From Swan’s Oyster Depot, head south on Van Ness Ave. and walk 10ish blocks to Post St. and head west for 4 blocks until you see Hotel Kabuki or the Peace Pagoda. The underground mall, Japan Center is where most of the stuff is at if there isn’t a parade or festival going on, but I prefer going to the New People mall.

Pacific Heights

Pac Heights is a wealthy neighborhood with shops and restaurants to compliment that lifestyle. With that said, I’ve enjoyed checking out the beautiful homes on Broadway’s Billionaire Row especially the one where a robot overlooks all of us plebs because one day we will have to bow down to our robot overlords. So, feel free to skip if you don’t have a lot of time.


If the kids are Star Wars fanatics (like Kendel), take them directly to the Yoda Fountain in the Presidio stat! When we were there last, 2 out of 3 iPhone cameras were malfunctioning while in camera mode. Coincidence or are the dark forces interfering? Continue to wonder as you explore the park and either head towards The Walt Disney Family Museum or the Palace of Fine Arts. There are a lot of trails to explore at the Presidio which you can decide on here.

  • Kendel recommends playing a pick-up game of trampoline dodgeball at the House of Air. If you’re an old person past high school age, you might get your ass handed because these kids are faster and will recover quick unlike your ego.

Golden Gate Bridge & Marin Headlands

The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful hue of International Orange
The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful hue of International Orange

The most iconic landmark in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge and walking or riding a bike across is a feat most people like to accomplish instead of driving in traffic. But be sure to pack some water and snacks!

From the Disney Museum or Presidio, you can walk to the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center and cross over to the Vista Point. If you didn’t bike, you may need to call an Uber or Lyft to explore the Marin Headlands or take the MUNI 76X Marin Headlands at the Conzelman Rd/GGNRA entrance sign. There is a catwalk under the bridge so you don’t have to loop around (see map below). Places to check out:

Once you’re done exploring the headlands, make your way to food and home via the Sausalito Ferry Terminal. You can take the Muni 76X back to Vista Point and transfer to Muni 30 a few blocks away. Or you can have an Uber/Lyft take you directly to Fish because you deserve to be pampered a bit. Take as many Lyft rides with my $50 promo code!



Super Duper Burgers, Golden Boy Sicilian Slices and The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley
Super Duper Burgers are a great alternative to In-N-Out, Golden Boy Sicilian Slices in North Beach and Yury on his phone again at The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley






Hope you enjoy exploring San Francisco and if I can make this list better, comment below!

Did you leave your heart in San Francisco?

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