LGBTQ Positivity
New Year's Eve Celebrations in Taipei
Qin Jia Bing Dian 秦家餅店
A Seafood Lover's Guide to Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水產 in Taipei

The Daily Poppy

Our April Fool’s post for The Daily Puppy: At The Daily Puppy, we get priority furry time when new designer mutts are created all over the world to test their treat agility, take a photo on-command feature, shoe chewing skills and many more. While we always prefer to adopt instead of shop, we couldn’t keep […]

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Palm Springs Golf Course Home

Palm Springs Backyard Pool - Palm Springs Golf Course - Palm Springs Golf Course Home - Palm Springs Home Interiors -

Richard has been such a kind host right from the beginning giving me as many details as possible about the home while under our care. When I was delayed by Coachella traffic, he showed the first arrivals inside and gave them the house tour instead of me. I was able to catch the latter half […]

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