Most-Likely to be Weird

Most-Likely to be Weird

A real-life connection with someone from your past and the funny memories they produce are just a few reasons why I continue to be a social media junkie. An old high school friend sent me the photo below from his graduation party on Snapchat a few days ago which gives you a glimpse of who I was as a junior in high school.

Everyone around me is staring cooly into the lens of a 35mm analog camera and I’ve got a slice of Costco (I’m assuming because of the size) pizza dribbling out of my mouth like a cartoon wolf’s tongue. It’s a very beautiful portrayal of how popular I was and the mantra I continue to live with until today which are: IDGAF and give me pizza.

#TBT to this weirdo with 🍕! Thanks Jamison for the memories!!!

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