Travel Tip 006/100: Make A List of Things to See and Do

Writing, Pinning, Mapping or Bookmarking what you’d like to do at your travel destination will help you organize your research, recommendations, and thoughts. #the100dayproject

The following apps keep me organized and they’re not just for travel:

  • Foursquare is better than Yelp in helping me find places to eat, drink and have fun. It has more helpful tips, travel time and dependable ratings.
  • Google Maps to help plan my route. Add or update the home address field with your hotel, hostel or Airbnb’s address to get directions back to your home base easily.
  • Pinterest for inspirational destinations and photo shoots. Creating a board for each city helps me visualize where I want to go. Check out my Prague board — soon this will be a handy blog post.
  • Virtual Notes helps me keep some notes when I don’t have wifi or a data plan. You can save confirmation numbers, images, maps, directions, etc. easily by copying and pasting or typing. There are a lot of apps like Evernote or Apple’s Notes to get you started.

Where was this photo taken?

Dancing House (Tančící dům) in Praha 2 also nicknamed, Fred & Ginger is a hotel, restaurant, gallery and office building designed by Frank Gehry. If you’d like to avoid the other tourists and take your time composing your own silly selfie, go early in the morning.

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