Learning Something New Everyday with freeCodeCamp

Learning Something New Everyday with freeCodeCamp

After a month of debating whether or not I should continue to learn how-to code on Codecademy or start fresh on FreeCodeCamp, I finally decided to go with FCC and I’m glad I did. FreeCodeCamp’s challenges are addicting to finish because they are taught in bite-sized doses with words of encouragement, and a progress map you can follow.

But the main reason I switched over is the fact that I will hopefully be able to help a non-profit create, maintain or spruce up their site, or something similar. In the past, I’ve worked with a handful of not-for-profit art companies, which made me feel like I was actually contributing something to the world besides the click-bait type copy I started to write after a career change. So hopefully, this will lead to something great again.

You can see my progress here. Feel free to review my code, send me tips or cheer me on with a comment below or send me a Tweet!

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