Travel Tip 009/100: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t be fooled by the mini markets, liquor shops, bodegas, etc. selling cannabis or marijuana-infused alcohol, energy drinks, lollipops, chocolates, biscuits and other edible things in Prague. The beautiful green packaging is very convincing to make non-Czech speakers like myself think there it’s laced with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

After a week and a half of wondering, I finally caved in and went inside to investigate a few packages of “munchies” with my Google Translate app. I scanned the packages and zeroed in on the ingredient or statement which included “THC”. Guess what? Every single statement translates into “does not contain THC”.

Bummer! Sorry to break it to you bud, but you are not in Amsterdam, San Francisco or Colorado.

What they do have available are a nice and healthy dose of hemp seeds or hemp seed oil, a nutritious and protein-packed seed, a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. Sorry to break it to you my traveling stoners, but it’s not that easy to get high in Prague.

It is easy to get a healthy dose of superfoods by incorporating more hemp seeds in your diet or beautiful, moist skin when purchasing cannabis (hemp seed oil) infused beauty products at nearly every drugstore. I’m hooked on Laura Collini’s Body Milk and Hand Cream which absorbs quickly into my skin and goes on smoothly. My skin has felt just as soft and moist as when I used Hempz brand moisturizer in California.

Body Milk Hemp Seed Oil Moisturizer is very hydrating
Body Milk Hemp Seed Oil Moisturizer is very hydrating

And if you can find this hempseed oil infused cider from Cider Bohemia at farmářských trzích na Náplavce, then you’re in for a really refreshing treat.

Cannabis Cider
Cannabis Cider at Naplavka Farmers Market in Prague


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