House and Cat Sitting Adventures in San Francisco

Ozzy Kitty Cat is no longer afraid of me

A Throwback Thursday post:

Before we headed out to do the nomad thing, we had a trial run – one county over in San Francisco! We watched our friend’s cats, watered plants, fed the squirrels and other house sitting duties while trying to figure out if we packed all of the basic necessities and have our heads examined at the same time.

I was really excited  to watch the cats because I’ve always wondered what it was like to be a cat person! I’ve only lived with dogs, a bunny, birds, livestock and fish. But nervous of future allergy attacks and Jon having to take care of them while starting a new job.

To prevent any more allergy attacks (with these same cats, at the same place), I sprayed something up my nostrils and took a pill a day. Hopefully, it was antihistamine! But by golly, my drugged up self was feeling fine around the felines. They let me brush their hair, we played catch the mice, I taught one of the cats how to play dead (like a dog) and often gave them treats to get on their good side.

Again, I hope what I took was antihistamine and not catnip.

By the end, I was able to carry one of the cats in my arms, like a baby being rocked to sleep. I became a full-fledged cat lady in two weeks.

Truthfully, it was a great opportunity to help out dear friends while saying goodbye to the city where we rented our first apartment together, launched our careers, made adult friends, and got married. So of course, we had to live it up with $1 oyster happy hours, La Taqueria burritos, the magic of people watching at Dolores Park, and getting whatever our hearts desired delivered because a lot of apps happen here.

There was a lot of reminiscing, no doubt. But hope to see you next year, San Francisco!

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