Goodbye San Mateo

Coco Waffles and Shane Parker Go for a Walk in California

After getting two extra weeks of living in San Francisco with some cool cats (sup Ozzy and Smushie) we finally move out and on from our former lives in San Mateo. It’s not easy to say goodbye to err, ummm my shark pillow(?) — haha just kidding it was the easiest thing I had to do! Let freeeeeeeedumb riiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

In reality, San Mateo is a great city to live in and I only had one or two people who told me otherwise (you just have to nod in agreement with because you can’t argue with crazy). We had to leave because it was time. It was time to do something else and not be another cog in the Silicon Valley machine discussing high rents, pitches, and old places turned new. I want diversity and for now, a whiskey and a bacon free diet. There are other flavors, weather patterns and designs I need to see.

So, goodbye for now and watch our last day in the Bay.

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