Favorite Places in Prague

Favorite Places to Eat in Prague

After two months of living in Prague, we’ve come to enjoy more than a handful of places and hope you will be able to visit this beautiful city in the near future! And if you’ve got a question about any of these places below, let me know by commenting below or Tweet at me!


When dining in Prague, it will be wise to make reservations for dinner especially on Friday or Saturday night. If not, prepare to come before 19:00, wait awhile or be turned away.

  • Bistro 8 (cafe) | map – Great for brunch or their daily lunch specials which tastes just as good as it looks. They also have a beautiful display case of desserts but I’m always too full for that round. Get a housemade kombucha and you’re ready to start the day!
  • Cafe Letka (cafe) | map – Jon likes this place because it’s “freakin’ beautiful, open late, good food, local feel, great light and nice ambiance. Beautiful cakes. Any other questions?” Breakfast and lunch are great but they have a very limited dinner menu.
  • Hora Haus (California) | map – I found out about this place from an expat Facebook Group discussion rating the best steak tartare in Prague and Hora Haus was a welcome alternative to the traditional fare. But what started off as a craving turned into our best dinner in Prague. The co-owners were also from Downtown LA (DTLA, wattup!) so, that was a crazy surprise. We had the caesar salad, croquettes, a very large (800g) pork chop and of course, the most amazing steak tartare my mouth had the pleasure of eating.
  • Lokál (Czech) | map – Really good traditional food with fresh kegs of Pilsner Urquell on tap. You can order a pivo (beer) right as you’re walking through the door! But getting a table to eat can be a challenge. There are several locations but the one on Dlouhá is a pretty massive.
  • K The Two Brothers (Indian) | map – When you’re craving something spicy or full of flavor while in Praha, come here and order just about anything off the menu, you will be more than satisfied. I still crave this place and beats most places in the states. And don’t come here for dinner without reservations!
  • Maso a Kobliha (British/Czech) | map – We had such a great meal, we came back for brunch a few weeks later! I enjoyed eating the thin crumbly bacon chips with guacamole and I think anyone who’s tried it will be as happy as a piglet. The crew was cool too and gave me a few postcards to send since I was writing home about this place! Don’t leave without ordering a kobliha (donut) rolled in sugar and filled with my creamy, happy tears. It will taste just like vanilla custard, trust.
  • Mezi srnky (Cafe) | map – Weekend brunch seems to be a favorite time to eat for most of us who spend our weekdays eating three meals a day instead of lumping two meals into one and paying twice as much. But it seems that concept is only a thing in the Western world because in Praha, brunch happens only at breakfast time and you have to get there early or else they can run out. So get your ass up and have a darn good brunch at Mezi srnky, where they infuse a lot of fresh herbs into their meals equating to a lot of good, unique flavors to awaken your palate before noon.
  • Zmrzlinář (Ice Cream)| map – There was a small window of time where we could eat ice cream before we froze our buns off and this was the most enjoyable place out of the two! They have unique flavors, coffee and the most perfect ice cream to cone ratio I’ve licked to date!


While there is an abundance of things to do and see in Prague, don’t forget to stop and look up at the beautiful art installations and architecture in this great city. We came towards the end of summer and into a colorful, yet chilly autumn so we were lucky to attend a few outdoor festivals and see the gardens before they officially close for winter on November 1st.

  • BIO OKO | map – We checked it out on a Sunday for Film Brunch and while the food wasn’t the highlight, the film selection, chairs and cozy atmosphere will have us returning here for indie films and festivals.
  • Letenské sady  | map – Once you’ve explored downtown Praha, come up here to check out the aerial views,  Metronom, skateboarders, beer garden and the sunset, weather permitting.
  • Muzeum Antonína Dvořáka/Antonin Dvorak Museum | map – We went here for what seemed like a party for Dvorak where the guests were entertaining themselves with songs composed by him. We were given an herbal shot, similar to Fernet, explored the museum and finally, headed upstairs to be entertained. It was dissimilar to the other classical concerts and more enjoyable.
  • Naplavka Farmers Market | map – Come here Saturday morning or anytime before 14:00 for vintage fashion, produce, wine, cider, beer, and a tasty snack or two. If there’s a festival across the Vlatava, take the water taxi or see it take off right by the swans. And if it’s a nice day outside, sit along the river wall with a beer and watch the swans and ducks float on.
  • National Memorial on Vítkov/Národní památník na Vítkově | map – Walk up here to see an amazing views of downtown and the memorial.
  • Petrin Tower | map – My fear of heights has prevented me from going all the way to the top, but it shouldn’t deter you unless we’re alike. This was Jon’s most favorite place in all of Prague.
  • Veletržní palác/Trade Fair Palace | map – A perfect rainy day hideaway with a lot of artwork on five floors and a special exhibit. At the time, they were featuring Mucha’s massive frescos and it was superb. I could easily hangout here all day but give it a good 3-4 hours.
  • Žižkov Television Tower/Žižkovská televizní věž | map – There was no queue to go to the top but I was more interested in the babies crawling up the tower and mini golf course below. It was a real challenge without any cute adornments like windmills.


  • Bitcoin Coffee at Paralelní Polis | map – If you’ve never paid with Bitcoin before coming here, don’t fret! The friendly crew can explain how to use the Bitcoin ATM (bills only, no coins) and soon, you’ll be a fan of their tarts, coffee, and cryptocurrency. Maybe we’ll even see you next year the Hackers Congress!
  • Cobra | map – When I’m working on my laptop, I love to sit in dimly lit corners and pretend I’m composing the greatest thing you’ve ever read instead of my silly posts. This is why I like hanging out at Cobra. They’re open early to late with a full bar, coffee, and some more food options coming soon.
  • Dos Mundos | map – The coffee is just really, really good here and you can buy cascara to brew at home. Say, what?
  • La Bohème Café | map – The service is hit or miss here, it really depends on the barista’s mood and nothing else since s/he sets the tone for the servers’ attitude or lack thereof. It’s also a ridiculously beautiful place so, you have to at least come here once. It’s not the best to do remote work since there is a 60-minute wifi limit unless you keep ordering drink after drink after drink.

Tourist Traps

  • Obyčejný svět – Pushy server trying to get a big fat tip from tipsy customers. Just a big fat no!

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