Travel Tip 005/100: Don’t Be Afraid to Travel Solo

Don't Be Afraid to Travel Solo Garden Cafe Styl&Interier Prague Shop for Interior Designs at Styl&Interier Prague

You can take baby steps to solo travel. When traveling with a significant other or group, take a meal, a tour or explore on your own just once. You’ll feel a little more immersed in the culture and you get to experience something on your own without any compromises. And I promise it’s not that scary just don’t put yourself in compromising situations and go with your gut. You got this! #the100dayproject

Where was this photo taken?

At Styl&Interier in Praha 1, an interior designer’s paradise, e-shop and a beautiful indoor and outdoor cafe all rolled into one. It was a warm fall day in Prague, so I chose to sit outside in the gardens with everyone to nibble on Young goat cheese with coriander served with a delicate pear chutney and walnut pesto (135 czk/5.61 usd) and sip a Raspberry-banana smoothie with chia seeds (75 czk/3.12 usd) while reading the first novel in the Game of Thrones series, A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m caught up with all six seasons of the HBO series but wanted to know which details were omitted for TV viewers.

The cafe was bustling with people and one of the servers came over to strike up a conversation in Czech. I mumbled a mashup of thanks (deku) and please (prosim) in Czech because that’s all I know now and then, he walked away confused. He returned again, this time he tells me in English nice to see you again and if I was alone this time. I awkwardly tell him it’s my first time at the cafe and Praha so, he must have mistaken me for someone else. He is so shocked and embarrassed because according to him my doppelgänger also has the same visage and can’t speak Czech. Now, I must return soon to meet this person!

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