Day 51: The day I realized I should have been writing more

Visiting Family and Friends in Southern California

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been a terrible and inconsistent blogger as of late and have determined to reverse these actions starting today so that you know what is happening with us. Today, Jon reminded me the following milestones since we left which will kick this blog off with a new set of bells and whistles:

  • 84 days since Jon started his remote job
  • 51 days since we left San Mateo
  • 26 days since we left California
  • 11th day in Chicago

And let me briefly summarize what we’ve done the past 50 days:

We said our good-byes to Coco Waffles while she stayed in foster care and we look for her new furever home. I’m glad to say that Coco has now been adopted by our friends and is very well taken care of.

We house sat for Nick and Rebecca in San Francisco and took care of Princess Smooshie Rebecca and Ozzy Birdie Nicholas. In return, I have become a bonafide cat lover liker and grew angry at the sight of strollers parked haphazardly on the sidewalks of Noe Valley.

The rest of the time I did yoga with stay at-home non-moms, went on a La Taqueria burrito diet, drank 3-4 cases of La Croix (and decided Coconut was my favorite), hung out with some peeps, took advantage of happy hours for a liquid dinner, increased my Lyft Line/Uber Pool usage ten-fold, and got high-end edibles delivered while over hearing app ideas/rent outrages at Dolores Park — just like a real-life San Francisco tech millionaire.

Two weeks later, we re-packed in San Mateo and started our journey to Southern California with a drive down to Santa Cruz. We lived in Downtown Santa Cruz, rode the Boardwalk roller coaster, ate poke, had some good coffee and wondered if we can live in this beach town. The answer, maybe. After a few days, we threw out our plans to slowly cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) because we had to be in Los Angeles for Parky’s birthday party! Someone thought we had a week to slowly drive down and stay in a few beach towns.

We met up with my cousins for last-minute dessert in the Valley. Then, we stayed with Jon’s college friend, Liwei and Ivy’s new home, met their baby & visiting friends and drank too much good wine and Liwei’s secret blend of milk tea. I still dream of that milk tea and you can try it for yourself here.

The following day, we drove to Pasadena and pool partied until dawn-ish with Parky, Ellen and friends! Someone brought their dog and we mistakenly introduced it to my favorite frisbee. It has since been scratched up and I have no frisbee to travel with. But the dog burned about a million calories and his paws raw, so he can have it.

A bit hungover, we had dim sum with my sisters and cousins at Din Tai Fung. It was an insanely huge party and of course, just like all family events it had its fair share of drama. Thank god for the xiao long bao (XLB) or soup dumplings to keep me grounded. Pokemon Go was recently released but I resisted downloading the game until Kirsten shows me a Charmander near me at dim sum. I am instantly addicted.

Pokemon Hunting in Southern California
Pokemon Hunting in Southern California

We spend some time bouncing around Southern California and Portland before ending up here in Chicago

Okay I’m falling asleep. Good-night and until next time!



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