Charm’s Dorky Foodie Alternatives to Netflix and Chill

Charm's Dorky Foodie Alternatives to Netflix and Chill

TFW you get inspired by a text and your mind goes buck wild.

1. Steak and a Belly Rub
2. Sushi and Snuggles
3. Noodles and Canoodle
4. Pho and Spoon
5. Takeout and Makeout
6. Slow cook and Snog
7. Pickles and Tickles
8. KBBQ and Cunnilingus
9. Philly Cheese Steaks and Fellatio
10. Insta Pot and a One Night Stand
12. Trombone and Bone
13. Bumble and Booty
14. Tinder and T-bone
15. Burrito and Bang
16. Taco and Tongue
17. Happy Hour and a Golden Shower
18. Drinks and Dick
19. Macaroni and Tenderoni
20. Tenderoni and Cheese
21. Jazz and Jizz
22. Hangover and Hulu
23. HBO HO
24. Poutine and Pornhub
25. VIMEO and Vibe
26. Bacon and Bukake
27. Pizza and Pitch A Tent
28. Bread and a Red Light Special
29. Snack and a Spank
30. Eggplant…PARMesan on they/him/her.

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