San Diego: Seafood, Tacos and Beers, Oh My!

Salmon Tostada, Callo de Hacha and Tostadas De Pulpo from Tostadas North Park Ahi Adobo and Raw Ahi Tacos from City Tacos Lobster Tacos from Wicked Maine Lobster San Diego - Carnitas Tacos and Carnitas Hash Tacos at Carnitas Snack Shack

Chowing down on tacos in San Diego is the equivalent of scarfing a Mission-style burrito in San Francisco, best enjoyed in their habitat surrounded by like-minded eaters. Except in San Diego you pair your food with either a microbrew, craftbrew or nanobrew of your choice and the choices are overwhelming in terms of both food and drink. […]

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Funky Koreatown Artist Loft

Funky Koreatown Artist Loft Artwork Funky Koreatown Artist Loft Bedroom Funky Koreatown Artist Loft

Kristina has been very kind and accommodating from the start! She greeted us in person despite running late to her own premiere because LA traffic can be horrendous. Parking in her building was very convenient, safe and secure with easy access to her loft. While at her home, we felt very comfortable and taken care […]

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The Korean Spa Experience

The Korean Spa Experience at Wi Spa in Ktown Los Angeles, California

Would you like to know what it’s like to go through a human carwash? Well, keep reading dear friends (and strangers) as I take you through my very first time at Wi Spa, a Korean spa or jimjilbang in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles! A k-spa may be vastly different from your average American […]

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A Few Days in Downtown Santa Cruz

We’re working our way down to Los Angeles slowly and our first stop is Santa Cruz. I dig the sleepy beach town vibe and politeness of this place, plus I get to wear summer clothing again which is never really the case in San Francisco (global warming, you missed a spot). We also got to […]

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Goodbye San Mateo

Coco Waffles and Shane Parker Go for a Walk in California

After getting two extra weeks of living in San Francisco with some cool cats (sup Ozzy and Smushie) we finally move out and on from our former lives in San Mateo. It’s not easy to say goodbye to err, ummm my shark pillow(?) — haha just kidding it was the easiest thing I had to do! […]

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Table For Sale, A Love Story

Table For Sale, A Love Story BFFs BBQ at Bundy in SaMo Portlandia Visits DTLA Cousins Chat in Culver City

This is the last piece of furniture we have to get rid of before we take off and I know I previously priced it high because it’s so hard for me to part with all of the memories this table has brought me. So, I’m going to be honest, this table comes with a lot […]

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