$hhh $hutup

I made this flyer in high school for my high school best friend, Elaine’s surprise party. Twenty plus years later, the details of this event are hazy but I somehow convinced her parents this party was happening at their house. It looked like an exclusive guest list only rave was happening even though I wasn’t […]

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Happy Earth Day. 🌐

Mother Earth hears your greetings but would appreciate it if you actually took the time to take care of her. Instead of ummm, maybe the act of finding that perfect photo of actual nature, animals, or symbolism (see photo below) which you only hope to inspire anyone who swipes up. So, who went to go March […]

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Funky Koreatown Artist Loft

Funky Koreatown Artist Loft Artwork Funky Koreatown Artist Loft Bedroom Funky Koreatown Artist Loft

Kristina has been very kind and accommodating from the start! She greeted us in person despite running late to her own premiere because LA traffic can be horrendous. Parking in her building was very convenient, safe and secure with easy access to her loft. While at her home, we felt very comfortable and taken care […]

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The Korean Spa Experience

The Korean Spa Experience at Wi Spa in Ktown Los Angeles, California

Would you like to know what it’s like to go through a human carwash? Well, keep reading dear friends (and strangers) as I take you through my very first time at Wi Spa, a Korean spa or jimjilbang in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles! A k-spa may be vastly different from your average American […]

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