Alright Boom So Check It

About a year ago I was in my first group comedy show where I met comedian, @funnymanstan. We were the token minorities in a new kind of comedy show where we shared what it’s like to stand out in white America. Fast forward to a few more comedy shows, a budding Instagram friendship where we […]

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One year later

Round Desserts Round-Up

What I wrote in April 2018: I am feeling all of the very highs and deep dark lows. Every few minutes, it’s a different version of me. Last year’s heartache vs. this year’s cold and sinus and chills and body aches. I’m happy it’s just boogers. — Update: While looking for photos on this particular […]

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Blank thy neighbor

It’s no longer ice cold and noticed my elderly neighbor sitting outside for the first time since fall. We always say, “Hey how’s it going?”, when we see each other but never really answer the question because NYers don’t usually have the time or energy to listen to a stranger grumble about the same shit. […]

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Open Source BLT Recipe

Today's lunch at my favorite Google NYC's cafe, Season'd

Step 1: Find a sturdy calf, choose leg which closely resembles to a baguette, and chop or twist at socket. Slice at a diagonal with a serrated knife. Toast slices, rub raw garlic clove and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Set aside to rest. Step 2: Buy a bunch of bananas and let brown […]

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$hhh $hutup

I made this flyer in high school for my high school best friend, Elaine’s surprise party. Twenty plus years later, the details of this event are hazy but I somehow convinced her parents this party was happening at their house. It looked like an exclusive guest list only rave was happening even though I wasn’t […]

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Spring Forward

You gain an hour of daylight and lose your mind the following week. The body wants to shed all of your heavy layers — winter wear and fats but the cold weather remains and so do the carbs and scarves. You can almost feel the sun rays touching your bare skin but only allow it […]

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Untitled to annoy you

Untitled to Annoy You

Take care of the little things The easy ones you can do now Take care of the things in between Those stuck in the crevice, cracks, creep or repeat Take care of the major things They will nag and irritate you No rest until it’s done.

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