Blind Tasting

Blind Tasting

When you’ve lived in California for most of your life where wine tasting is a weekend sport, you learn to appreciate the subtle tasting notes of a wide range of varietals and you develop a very sophisticated palate where mouthfeel matters. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!





Hey friends this is huge news whoa!MOP has always aspired to be much more than a sketch comedy company – we wanna make serious stuff, we wanna make long-form stuff, we wanna make documentaries and cartoons and music videos and musical claymation allegories for climate change. That being said, we also love making sketches! So this is what we’re gonna do: Going forward we’re calling our sketch comedy the SANDBOX SERIES. The SANDBOX SERIES is an an ongoing series of microshorts that give us the opportunity to engage with as many new artists as we can: It's a playground where actors and writers and directors can experiment and do what they do best and get paid in the process. Also, as you may have noticed, we’re posting our videos DIRECTLY TO FACEBOOK NOW. We’re so grateful for all the clicks you’ve generously donated by navigating over to Youtube and now we’re gonna put those clicks to more efficient use by letting you directly like, share and comment on our videos right here at home.We love and cherish you dearly,MOPP.S. To celebrate we're posting a sketch a day this weekend WHOA WOW way to bury the lead!! This one is called BLIND TASTING and it's in a wine shop and it has notes of elderberry and cacao!!P.P.S. Huge special thanks to Waterfront Wines & Spirits for letting us use their beautiful space!

Posted by Means Of Productions on Friday, May 4, 2018

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