Blank thy neighbor

It’s no longer ice cold and noticed my elderly neighbor sitting outside for the first time since fall. We always say, “Hey how’s it going?”, when we see each other but never really answer the question because NYers don’t usually have the time or energy to listen to a stranger grumble about the same shit.

But today, for the first time ever he said, “I’m fine.” but I kept on walking and questioned my hearing.

Did he actually reply? Did he want to chat for a minute since it has been months? I felt like a busy asshole who couldn’t even find the time to stop and listen and get my neighbor’s name.

Then, after dinner,  I see this sign in my lobby to: “Stop. Stealing. Fucking. Packages.” And I thought to myself, we’re all assholes in one way or another. This person for stealing packages. This other person for putting up a passive aggressive note. And me for posting this photo and caption.

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