Jon and Charm in Hong Kong - CharmBTrippin.com
Jon and Charm in Hong Kong

Hello, my name is Charm and welcome to my travel blog! My husband, Jon and I have sold 80% of our things and are currently traveling to random destinations for an undetermined amount of time while we work remotely. Won’t you join us?

I’m not here to sell you on how to quit your day job, convert your forty hour work week into four, start your own laptop business or any other money making schemes. I’m here to entertain you and to keep me writing something funny or delicious on a daily basis instead of this bi-weekly thing I’m doing now. So, feel free to send ideas of things to do or your favorite places and I’ll try my best!

I do have affiliate links and promo codes (from apps & services we actually use) that help us receive travel discounts and bonuses when you make a purchase, but that’s it. I’ll leave the rest for the professionals or until I turn into one <prayer hands emoji>.

Why are we traveling semi-haphazardly? Because we’re getting old and that’s the truth! Every few weeks my dark head of hair is seemingly more grey, unused muscles ache, new babies appear, our robot overlords are coming and California is increasingly more expensive despite the drought. As you age, you learn a bit more about yourself and what we found out is we should have explored the world more when we were younger. It’s not that we think we’re too old now, but we could have gotten on with a lot less and accumulated more experiences. But it’s never too late, we just took a detour!

So please enjoy our attempt at our new perspective on life and living on planet Earth. And if you’d like to say hello, send me a Tweet!

Digital Nomads doing remote work at a coffee shop in San Francisco - CharmBTrippin.com
Digital Nomads doing remote work at a coffee shop in San Francisco.

WARNING: This is a travel guide for the misguided. Do not attempt to recreate unless you:

  • are unsure about life
  • can get lost easily
  • cannot speak the language
  • are highly allergic to bug bites
  • are deathly afraid of heights
  • can’t digest soy sauce and bad American carbohydrates

This is for the faint of heart.


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