Watch Me Get Sloshed, A Drunken Comedy Show

Sloshed, A drunken comedy show in NYC

Save the date: Tuesday, October 9th at 9:30pm I’m going to get drunk on stage and spew out jokes on an elimination style stand-up and improv comedy show. For every round, each comedian will take a shot before each set. We don’t know when we’ll get cut and we may even be brought back to […]

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Kain Tayo // Let’s Eat: Broiled Chicken Adobo

Broiled Chicken Adobo

  I never knew cooking on Instagram Live would be so fun, I had to do it again! This will most likely happen every Wednesday night at 8pm et now because I have THE best friends who are way too supportive of my clown-like habits. If you’d like to help me cook or be a […]

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Kain Tayo // Let’s Eat: Pancit Bihon

Pancit Bihon

After a few months of recording my podcast, Relationshit and bringing in a variety of cultural comfort foods from different restaurants, I decided to teach myself how to cook my people’s food. I missed out on the opportunity to learn from my lolas (grandmothers) and titas (aunts) because I was too busy being a rebellious child, teenager, and […]

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