Travel Tip 012/100: Write about your trip

Travel Tips Write About Your Trip

It’s never wrong to express your thoughts or feelings about how travel affects you and the situations you encounter either publicly or privately. I do a little bit of both through my very public blog and my handwritten journal. And of course, the postcards I’ve sent out to some of you dear readers. At first, […]

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Travel Tip 011/100: Don’t Be Late

Travel Tips Do Not Be Late

Don’t be late for your important dates like flights, show times, reservations, etc. You don’t want to loose your spot especially if you’ve been planning your trip all year! When you’re jet-lagged, disoriented with the time zone change, or pre-occupied with something amazing that you’ve discovered, it is very easy to forget about the rest […]

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Travel Tip 010/100: Get Some Sleep

Travel Tips Get Some Sleep

Sleep to rejuvenate your mind and body for tomorrow brings the unexpected. No one likes to start the day groggy especially when you’re in a new place fighting jet lag and trying to see as many places possible. So, don’t fight it. Just go to sleep or take a nap to make sure you’re alert! […]

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Travel Tip 009/100: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t be fooled by the mini markets, liquor shops, bodegas, etc. selling cannabis or marijuana-infused alcohol, energy drinks, lollipops, chocolates, biscuits and other edible things in Prague. The beautiful green packaging is very convincing to make non-Czech speakers like myself think there it’s laced with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). After a week and a half of wondering, […]

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Travel Tip 008/100: Wear comfortable shoes.

Travel Tip - Wear comfortable footwear

Treat your feet with kindness, care and the attention they need. They support you, take you places and move us in ways I can’t properly explain. So, don’t just stuff them in something uncomfortable. Sneakers are what I wear most but these qualities are what differentiates from non-stop exploration to blistered tootsies: Proper arch support […]

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Travel Tip 007/100: Get lost.

Get Lost

It’s easy to get lost! Or am I the only one who fumbles while looking at a map or figuring out how to use a compass? Okay maybe. Truthfully, it still takes a bit of time for me to actually feel comfortable enough to go out there and get lost in my own version of wonderment […]

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