12 Hours in The Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

Good gawd it was an exhausting journey from Chicago to New York City to Lisbon to Prague and that’s why I’m only writing about our 12+ hour layover in NYC right now. It was hard to wrap my head around that journey in real life versus mobile ticket. So, this is what we mostly did: hung out with Miss Ellen and Miss Alia, my NYC boogity boos! Of course, I look giddy af in the photo above and that’s because we’ve only completed the first leg of our trip.

Frankel’s Delicatessen & Appetizing

As soon as we touched down all Jon was thinking about was bagels and lox, bagels and lox, bagels and lox – specifically Frankel’s bagels and lox. Luckily, it was walking distance from Miss Ellen’s hipster Williamsburg abode. We split a No. One: Pastrami Salmon, Dill Cucumber, Scallion Cream Cheese on rye and a No. Two: Nova Lox, Nova Spread and Salmon Roe on rye. I like to call this one “the babies with its mommies bagel” (pictured right) and it was the crowd favorite.

Frankel's Lox Bagel Sandwiches
Frankel’s Lox Bagel Sandwiches

McCarren Park

My layover tip is to get yourself moving so once you’re on the plane you pass out and sleep away the flight. It was a nice day and the humidity wasn’t as bad as Chicago’s but everyone looked like they were melting. Jon went insane over this wooden train so I made him go inside of it. I think someone missed their calling to be a train conductor.

A grown-up on a child's train
A grown-up on a child’s train, no shame.

East River State Park Beach

When it’s hot out, Californians all head to the beach but this is Brooklyn so there’s no sand, boogie boards, bikinis, boomboxes or bodacious bods on blankets, just hipsters looking at Manhattan hoping for a breeze. It’s a got a nice view though and almost trumps all of the groans from the melting millennials all around us.

View from East River State Park Beach
View of Manhattan from East River State Park Beach

Then, it was a blur between a Netflix comedy special, shopping, drinks and of course, pizza. Here’s a short list the next time you find yourself wandering around Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

And we even saw this listing for a job you can work home from! I wonder if you can travel? I bet you wouldn’t be able to go ummm very far.

A remote job listing in Brooklyn
A remote job listing in Brooklyn

Hey Brooklynites! Where would you recommend to go for a 12-hour layover without having to go to Manhattan? Queens, I’m looking at you too. Tweet at me!

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