11 Places Where Pink Dominates the World

Happy belated National Pink Day! It’s the first year I’ve heard about it so I have celebrated the day with my pink snacks of choice Tropical flavored gummies and a cold can of Pamplemousse La Croix (pronounced LEH-KRUUUY with a midwestern twang). I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a snack induced post, so please bare with me — yes you, as you read this. Just don’t show me.

1. The Pink Pipes (Berlin, Germany)

These are a brightly colored attraction you can’t miss because the 60 km (37.28 miles) long pipe system runs throughout the entire city! Start off in Alexanderplatz and gander at the TV tower while you refuel, then head in any direction until the pink pipes can be seen overhead.

“…the pipes surrounding Berlin serve to pump water from the ground and transport it to the canals, allowing both together to drain the basements of the city and to facilitate the urban works. For more than a century already, a company named ‘Pollems’ has been responsible for the system.” – Berlin Global


2. Guava Malasadas (Honolulu, Hawaii)

You can’t take a bite into a warm Guava Malasada from Leonard’s Bakery without taking note of the brightly hued Pepto Bismol pink filling. And how do they taste, you ask? Like they made your insides neon, but they are great for photos dough!


3. Neon Sunsets (Santa Monica, California)

The Pink Skies with layers of oranges and violets come pretty often in Santa Monica, California so park your tanned (or burnt) bum on the sand for an unbelievable sunset. I like to blame it on the light pollution mixed in with some smog. Oh well! It’s just the price you have to pay for something pretty to look at.


4. Pink Benches (Los Angeles, California)

These pink benches at Grand Park in Downtown LA were a welcome surprise to residents who had waited and fought not too long ago to get a grocery built in this formerly overlooked neighborhood. Now, it’s surrounded by art so keep exploring and supporting its revival!


5. Pink Road (Lisbon, Portugal)

We had no idea where exactly the Rua Nova do Carvalho or the Pink Street was in Lisboa’s Cais do Sodré neighborhood except that it was near the center-ish, not on a hill and riverside. We knew we’d just stumble upon it sometime during our visit because you work your way downhill when you go out to drink here and when we did, we all rejoiced because no one in our group had an international data plan. I dare you to do the same.

Portugal Pink Road on CharmBTrippin.com
Photo Credit: Thanks Nell!


6. Cherry Blossoms (Japan)

Admittedly, I wasn’t one of those people who needed to see the Pink Cherry Blossoms bloom in Japan right away because I would have to shell out the big bucks for airline tickets, hotels and most importantly, bloom space. But by happenstance and because I am my own lucky charm, I had a picturesque experience to enjoy the blossoms before the crowds. Inhaling as much of the sweet scent to make an imprint and snapping as best as my iPhone 6 can. How can you avoid the crowds? Arrive a week before the suggested time period and rejoice!


7. The Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, California)

This hotel is where a lot of the world’s supply of pink pigment is mined from or at least that’s what I think. This resort has pink rooms, pink toiletries, pink staircases, pink bathrooms, a pink restaurant that serves the infamous pink champagne cake, pink poolside and of course, the pink tennis courts we all want to Instagram.


8. Pitaya Smoothie (Santa Barbara, California)

A sip of Backyard Bowl‘s Pitaya Smoothie re-energizes me and my palate in a way no other cold beverage can. Yes, this includes alcohol! Everyone out here in the West Coast is finicky about their smoothie’s consistency, ingredients, boosts, whey, soy, milk, or green-ness but all I want is a great tasting drink that happens to be good for you too. All hail the mother of all smoothie flavors, the dragonfruit!


9. Arizona Cactus Garden (Palo Alto, California)

Slow your roll at the Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford University’s Campus because if you lean in a little too much you might get pricked! I wouldn’t take a selfie without some precautions either so, position yourself at least a meter (3.28 feet) away from anything prickly and let someone else snap your photo for once this century.

Arizona Cactus Garden at CharmBTrippin.com


10. Flagging Tape Installation (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Hang out underneath the pink strips of flagging tape at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and watch the strips move organically to the sights and sounds surrounding it. You can even join in on Tuesdays for a free yoga session which is pretty cool for this museum to offer! Trust me, these are just one of the ways to enjoy Tony Feher’s installation but make sure to arrive after Spring 2017 when UMFA re-opens.

UMFA Pink Tape at CharmBTrippin.com


11. The Pink Triangle (San Francisco, California)

As we know it today, the pink triangle is a symbol of gay pride and the gay rights movement but initially, it was used to identify homosexual victims who were persecuted and killed during Nazi Germany. Let’s not ignore the past, let’s prevent this from reoccurring by joining the 21st Annual Pink Triangle Commemoration to gain the knowledge to educate ourselves about discrimination.

Pink Triangle at Twin Peaks
Photo: ThePinkTriangle.com


11 Places Where Pink Dominates the World at CharmBTrippin.com
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