A Sunny Sunday in Matosinhos
Welcome to Porto

A Trader Joe’s Missed Opportunity

I tweeted about my period. Don’t talk to me for the next 10 days unless you can handle my biting sarcasm. After the 10 days, it’ll just be my normal sarcasm. Are the tampons from Trader Joe’s called #TraderFlows??? @TraderJoesList @TraderJoesBest @TraderJoesRants pic.twitter.com/FJUWMSxNvY — Charm B. Trippin 🇵🇭 (@charmbtrippin) November 17, 2018

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Watch Me Get Sloshed, A Drunken Comedy Show

Sloshed, A drunken comedy show in NYC

Save the date: Tuesday, October 9th at 9:30pm I’m going to get drunk on stage and spew out jokes on an elimination style stand-up and improv comedy show. For every round, each comedian will take a shot before each set. We don’t know when we’ll get cut and we may even be brought back to […]

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Kain Tayo // Let’s Eat: Broiled Chicken Adobo

Broiled Chicken Adobo

  I never knew cooking on Instagram Live would be so fun, I had to do it again! This will most likely happen every Wednesday night at 8pm et now because I have THE best friends who are way too supportive of my clown-like habits. If you’d like to help me cook or be a […]

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Kain Tayo // Let’s Eat: Pancit Bihon

Pancit Bihon

After a few months of recording my podcast, Relationshit and bringing in a variety of cultural comfort foods from different restaurants, I decided to teach myself how to cook my people’s food. I missed out on the opportunity to learn from my lolas (grandmothers) and titas (aunts) because I was too busy being a rebellious child, teenager, and […]

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Tokens R Us


Back in April, I was honored to be a part of this diverse comedic show produced by Malaika Carpenter. Here’s the trailer and when Tokens R Us comes to your city, you better join in on the fun!    

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Blind Tasting

Blind Tasting

When you’ve lived in California for most of your life where wine tasting is a weekend sport, you learn to appreciate the subtle tasting notes of a wide range of varietals and you develop a very sophisticated palate where mouthfeel matters. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! TRAILER   FULL VIDEO

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